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What properties can I rent?

Apartments, Penthouses, Houses, Houses of Characters/ Farmhouses, Villas/ Bungalows with or without pool, Maisonettes, hotel accomodation (having own private entrance)

How long is a long let?

A long let is of a minimum period of 6 months and over.

What is considered a short let?

A Short let is considered from 1 day rental up to 6 months.

What other charges are there when renting a property

Utilities (water and Electricity)
Cable television / Satellite TV

Our Commissions

Long Let - 50% Finders Fee exclusive of VAT

Short Let - 10% out of the duration, exclusive of VAT

Commercial Letting Fee – 10% of an average years rent, exclusive of VAT
and if there is a Premium 5% , exclusive of VAT
Management Fees - 10% of the months rent exclusive of VAT

Why use Lets Move ?

Lets Move is made up of professional consultants available to help you with your property needs. They are trained in every aspect of dealing on properties and handling all your requirements in a competent manner. Our training includes marketing, viewing procedures, sourcing of new properties, handling negotiations carefully and making sure that all parties are satisfied with the outcome.
We have built a solid and mutually respectful relationship with all property owners, which will put us in a favourable position in order to get the best possible deal. We are aware that looking for a home can be most stressful, therefore our aim is to understand your needs and match them to your ideal residence.

How can Lets Move help with making my move to a new home easier ?

At Lets Move we not only find you the right property, but also help you to settle in. We can assist you in installing Cable or satellite TV, internet and Telephone installation

Do Lets Move have a customer service department ?

Yes, Lets Move not only assists you to find your home and handle any initial issues that might occur after moving in , we will also help you with any problems that might arise during your tenancy and again when finally terminating your lease.

What is the size of a tumolo of land?

12100 sq.ft. 1140 sq.m.

What is the meaning of “tale quale”?

As seen

What is the meaning of “di fermo” ?

A definite period

What is a Solitary or Private maisonette?

A solitary maisonette is a maisonette built on a garage, a commercial outlet or warehouse. A solitary/private maisonette will always enjoy its own airspace.

What is a Duplex?

A duplex is a property that overlies or underlies third party property (e.g. an apartment/penthouse or maisonette) but is split over two floors.

Are there any conditions for non-Maltese nationals buying property in Malta?

Yes, the main one being on prices, where a non-Maltese National cannot buy an apartment less than €101,551 in value, and not less than €169,205 for any other type of a property. 

If I am not Maltese, can I rent out my property?

Yes, if the property has a pool or communal pool, or is situated in stipulated designated areas (i.e. Tigne Point-Sliema, Portomaso-St.Julians, Tas-Sellum-Mellieha, Pender Gardens- St.Julians, St. Angelo Mansion-Vittoriosa, Manoel Island - Gzira, Fort Chambray- Gozo)

After how long can a foreigner apply for Maltese citizenship?

5 years

What types of residency permits are there available for foreigners?

a)Temporary residency
b)Permanent residency

Can foreigners bring in their own furniture from overseas?

Yes.  If, the furniture is imported within 6 months of their arrival into Malta, the furniture can be imported tax-free.  If the furniture is new, duty will be charged at €1.40, per kilo + 18% VAT. 

What is Freehold?

A freehold property means that the property is FREE from any annual payment (no ground rent).

What is Ground Rent when purchasing a commercial property?

Ground rent is a charge imposed by an owner on a property.  There are two Main types of ground rents - PERPETUAL and TEMPORARY, each of which has 2 variants - REVISABLE and NON-REVISABLE. Normally ground rents are paid yearly (in advance or in arrears) and whenever a property subject to a ground rent is sold, a LAUDENIUM (recognition fee) is due on contract.

What is Perpetual revisable ground rent?

Perpetual revisable ground rents are linked to a scale revision, usually every 25 years and usually according to the cost of living/value of the pound sterling. This ensures that the BUYING POWER remains constant by being periodically updated. This type of ground rent can be redeemed or bought our within 6 months after revision at a set rate. It is capitalized at 5% rate. i.e. 20 times the ground rent. The property becomes FREEHOLD.

What is Perpetual non-revisable ground rent?

Perpetual non-revisable ground rents are fixed and do not change – ever. The same amount is paid each year when due to the owner of the ground rent. This type of ground rent can be redeemed or bought out at any time at a set rate. It is capitalized at 5% rate i.e. 20 times the ground rent. The property then becomes FREEHOLD.

What is Temporary non-revisable ground rent?

Temporary non-revisable ground rents are technically leases set for a SET PERIOD OF TIME after which the property should revert back to the OWNER of the LEASE. Most of this type is owned by the Church or Government and many are for periods in the region of 150 years. The amount remains the same for the duration of the lease.  This type of ground rent CANNOT be redeemed before expiry, UNLESS an agreement is reached with the owner, who is under no obligation to do so.

What is Temporary revisable ground rent?

Temporary revisable ground rents are also technically leases for a SET PERIOD OF TIME, after which the property should revert to the OWNER OF THE LEASE. Most of this type is, again owned by the Church or Government and many are in the region of 150 years BUT are linked to a scale of revision, usually 25 years and normally according to the cost of living/ value of the pound sterling. This ensures again that the purchasing power of the ground rent remains constant.

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